Sunday, April 12, 2009

Entrepreneurs - YOUR Clock Is Ticking! Do You Need A Lifeline?

YES! It Is Possible For You To Have A Successful Business And The Life You Want

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you are looking for freedom to live your life in your own way.
The solution is to own your own business and let the business fund your lifestyle.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs let the tables get turned on them. They work for the business rather letting the business work for them.

Almost everyone who starts a small business does so by trial an error. This works for some people, but for the vast majority it is the cause of failure. People run out of time or money before they perfect their business model.

There are lots of people who will help you for a hefty fee. We show you how to use the free resources on the Internet to help get you started. You could maneuver through the millions of pages out there, but do you have the time? Let us help you shorten your learning curve.

Imagine feeling in control of your business and not living moment to moment like so many business owners you observe.

NOW you know that you have options. BECAUSE you know you have options, your odds of success just improved.

Why Should You Trust Me To Be Your Lifeline?

Where I live in Texas, there is a saying we have when we want to acknowledge that a person has experience, "This is not your first rodeo".

I have the academic training to understand your issues. I have an electrical engineering degree from Purdue University and have been recognized by the university with the titles of Outstanding Electrical Engineer and Distinguished Engineering Alumnus.

I have a Masters In Business Administration (MBA) from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. While there I spent a year working on a personal research project involving promoting corporate entrepreneurship.

Life long learning is a passion for me. I am a National Achievement Scholar (National Merit Corporation) and a State of Indiana Hoosier Scholar.

I have been president of a small venture capital subsidiary of a major corporation. I have been director of planning and business development for an an international exploration subsidiary of a major oil company. I also served as a member of the planning department and personal assistant to one of the executive vice presidents of parent company of that subsidiary.

I have had a tour in government as a Presidential Appointee, managing the United States Mint Philadelphia, an industrial organization about the size of the tail end of the Fortune 500, with over 1000 employees. I served a term as Chairman of the Federal Executive Board of Philadelphia (Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget) where I coordinated the internal management issues for eighty three agencies, departments, and military commands headquartered in Philadelphia (53,000 employees). I was recognized by the Philadelphia Junior Chamber of Commerce as Philadelphia's Outstanding Young Leader.

My involvement continued in Texas. I have served as District Director for a US Congressional District. I have operated the bond transfer operations department of a major bank. I have trained marketers.

I have been CEO of a non-profit community development corporation that has specialized in promoting economic development in depressed portions of the City of Dallas.

In a contract with the Economic Development Department of the City of Dallas, that non-profit taught business development techniques to existing businesses to promote job development and to new businesses to promote business formation. That center operated a business incubator housing eight newly formed businesses.

I have traveled internationally with the Mayor of Dallas and the Chair of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, as part of a Trade Delegation promoting Dallas as an international business center.

I have been appointed by a Texas State Senator to serve on The Texas Environmental Health Institute, an advisory committee to the Texas Department of Health and the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission. I have been the Chair of the Police and Fire Civil Service Commission of the City of Irving and a candidate for City Council.

I have eight years of experience coaching entrepreneurs in one-on-one conversations. I have owned my own small business. I am even an Eagle Scout. This is not my first rodeo!

I Just Might Have The Answer To Help You

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